1. Conditional Agreement

First of all, our sales office is based in Sydney, however our factory is in Ballina, northern NSW so we are able and happy to work with you no matter where you reside in Australia.

In order to secure a delivery date, we enter into a conditional agreement that allows you the time needed to complete your research as well as time for you to get to know us.

A refundable deposit is required to hold the delivery position. The conditional agreement includes a date by which the order is confirmed or the deposit is refunded in full.

2. Research

We encourage you to investigate all aspect of the vessel. We provide you with all the assistance required for your research including, sea trials, technical tours and factory visits.

3. Preliminary Build Order / Customizations

During the research period we begin the creation of the build order for your boat that will include cabin layout, upholstery selection, engine and electronic choices, etc.

We also review any customizations you may wish to make to your boat. This often requires technical study and drawings for your review. These changes will also be quoted for your consideration.

4. Payment Schedule

During the construction of your boat there will be 4 payments. The first payment will be made once the order has been confirmed. The 3 following payments are based on reaching specific construction milestones. An estimated payment schedule will be provided at the time you enter into the conditional agreement.

5. Final Build Order

The final build order for your new boat will be completed in a detailed inventory list for your approval

6. Construction Begins!

When practical, you will received factory photos showing the progress of your boat. Any changes you wish to make are limited to the early stages of construction. You are always welcome to visit the factory during the construction of your boat.

7. Launch / Commissioning

Once the boat has been completed we move on to the commissioning and sea trial processwhich includes on water testing of all systems and installations of items such as electronics, plumbing and pumps etc.

8. Handover

Once fully tested and cleaned, the on water handover process begins. This includes orientation on all the systems and electronics aboard as well as time behind the wheel for you to become familiar with your boat.