From the first commercial hull that rolled off the production line in 1993, Sailfish Catamarans prides itself on being at the forefront of commercial boat building in Australia year after year.

Building a boat to meet the exact needs of a commercial operator can be tough. Most boat builders want to get your business to fit their existing designs.

At Sailfish Catamarans our commercial specialists take the time to first understand and then custom design a boat to best suit your specific requirements. Once this is completed, your new boat is built to the highest standards within the complex regulatory guidelines set out for survey builds.

Overseen the whole way by professional and independent certifiers, your Sailfish Commercial Series comes with all the necessary compliance to ensure that your boat is ready to start work from day one.

Sailfish Catamarans has supplied boats to Government Departments, Local Councils, Rescue Organisations, International Heads of State, Commercial Fisherman and Divers, Mining and Aviation Industries, Hire and Drive Operators and more. With hundreds of commercial boats out in the field you can rest assured a Sailfish Catamaran will be up to the task.

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