Michael Gourlas – Sailfish S8

Everything about the Sailfish product is quality. Nothing is inferior, from the boats welding, the perfectly neat wiring, the fishing stability, right down to their choice of Furuno Electronics and Honda Marine Outboards. The best of the best.

It’s one thing to purchase your dream boat, and another to know that Webbe Marine have got your back. They really do go out of their way to stand by their product. I have purchased lots of big ticket items and no one has that level of after sales service, and have had many different boats in my life but nothing even come close. It’s true what they say, once you’ve owned a Cat you can’t go back. I absolutely love my “Sailfish S8” fishing weapon

Bob Thorn – Sailfish 3700

Having previously owned an alloy runabout, a Whitley, a Riviera and a 30 foot power catamaran I decided to purchase a new cat. I came across Sailfish Catamarans and saw they had won numerous awards. A quick Google search identified current owners and the statements of praise for the brand were numerous and glowing in their comments.

Although I had thought I’d be purchasing a fiberglass vessel I was open to alloy as long as the finish was on the mark. I had owned alloy runabouts year ago and was happy with the robust product but not the finish. Sailfish was a very different proposition….. the weight and strength of alloy but with a finish equal or even better than fibreglass.

My first face to face with the brand was the Sydney boat show and was very informative and the boats and their knowledge on their product was confidence building. Discussions with current and prospective sailfish owners as well as industry reps from Yamaha and Furuno confirmed the quality and integrity of the brand. It was clearly considered top quality, leading edge and built to survey standard. A prelim Quote was supplied in 24 hours and the journey to ownership had begun. The path to delivery was underway and the other alternative brands were parked.

The trip to the factory and meetings with Darren and his very committed team gave me even more confidence to move forward. Within days a more detailed plan was produced and after discussions we settled on an increase in length to a 3700 design with a 3.5 beam. The Sailfish 3700 allowed the space I needed for family cruising and entertaining. Twin 300hp Yamaha’s were specified to achieve 30-35 knots and all my requirements of Stability / Space / Speed and Safety were meet.

Sailfish’s total commitment and sincerity, enthusiasm, ability to change design and meet my requirements (right down to hull Colour and internal layout) and quality of the manufacturing process is why I chose a Sailfish Catamaran. Add to this the industry recommendations, customer comments, industry awards, quality of finish, flexible design evolution to suit my needs, is why although not cheap, they are great value for money.

May 2018 saw the boat delivered to the marina and the handover. An incredibly exciting and rewarding day for my wife, two children and myself. The boat looks and performs as expected and the Sailfish team has kept in contact to ensure everything is happening correctly right down to the finer details.

I’m more than happy to talk to future owners and I look forward to my trips in the Sailfish 3700…………… Until we build a new 45 footer!

Daniel Brauman – Sailfish S8

Wow … I mean, WOW! The first thing you notice is the attention to detail and craftsmanship that has gone into making one of these awesome Sailfish boats. When we first saw it at the boat show, and having been looking for six months for a bigger boat, we knew this was the boat for us. Once we got speaking to the team at Sailfish, and found out that they could custom design certain aspects to meet our fishing and boating needs, we knew we were on a winner. The Sailfish after-sales service is excellent, and they make you feel like part of an exclusive club.

Doing the amount of km’s that we do, to go fishing, we needed a boat that was practical and versatile across wide range of conditions. The fact that we could also live in it was a bonus. The boat gives you such a safe feeling when you’re inside the cab, and being able to close the doors and travel at speed really makes you feel safe in all weather conditions. The ride and the handling are second to none, and gives you a sense of confidence and security. Coming from a mono-hull to a catamaran, we noticed the stability and ride comfort immediately. The fact that it is aluminium, with lower weight, also meant that we didn’t have to upgrade our car to tow the boat.

It’s great for fishing in the southern ocean in the middle of winter. We are dry and warm, and we also come home safe. We would highly recommend a Sailfish catamaran to anyone that’s in the market for a new boat.

ALAN BLOWS – Sailfish S8

After extensive research and spending hundreds of hours at sea on a small mono hull boat, I decided it was time to upgrade. The Sailfish S8 allows me to travel out to sea wider and on days when weather wouldn’t permit me to do so on the smaller boat. The S8 has exceptional handling capabilities especially with twin engines and manoeuvrability is tremendously improved. I find it great for fighting fish, sits well on the water and quick to get up on the plane. I would highly recommend anyone in the market looking for a great fishing boat or upgrade should consider the S8  – you simply can’t beat it for comfort and safety.

M. Lynch – Sailfish Shelf Runner

I would just like to drop you a line saying not only thank you again for all your help in purchasing my new Shelfrunner but also I would like to say that the new Sailfish is better than I could ask for. I have had cats in the past but the design of this new hull has impressed me greatly. On my last two trips pushing into a 25 kt North Wester for 2 hrs the boat just did it’s job and at no time did we feel uncomfortable. As a fisherman and father the safety of my family comes first – so when we are out wide chasing blue fin I will be more at ease in knowing that the Sailfish will get us home.

Marty Secheny – 2400 Gamefisher ‘ Reel Game’

I’ve been fishing off shore in trailer boats for over 20 years and longed for something reliable and comfortable.  I had researched many models and various types of boats but couldn’t find value anywhere near that offered by the Sailfish range – I knew it was the right style boat for me as soon as I saw it – choosing the model was the hard part!

When I purchased my Sailfish 2400 Gamefisher my fishing took on a whole new perspective.  I was able to fish grounds that were previously well out of reach to me, and it opened up a whole new dimension in fishing for us.. we went from fishing the inshore reefs to going wide and catching big game Yellowfin, Bluefin and Marlin on a regular basis – we often now head out 100km east of the coast and cover over 250km in a day, I can troll over 200km in a day with ease knowing that my Sailfish Cat can handle the conditions, get me home every time and still have fuel in reserve.

In days gone by we would tow our boats up to Port Stephens for the weekend – now we troll there and back and it’s great being able to fish comfortably in conditions that many wouldn’t consider going out in. In my first year of owning a
Sailfish, Reel Game took out heaviest Marlin of the year for the Botany Bay Game Fishing Club on a big blue caught well wide of Sydney – something that wouldn’t have been possible in my previous boat.

In a Sailfish Cat you can head far offshore not only in comfort and style, but knowing that you are safe and going to be able to get home with ease regardless of the conditions.

Gavan and Ashley at Webbe Marine are easy to deal with and professional in every aspect of what they do – if you’re looking for a top end boat with an edge on others and you end up at Webbe Marine then rest assured – you’ve ended up at the right place!

Thanks again guys.

Marty Secheny

Dr Mark & Brenda Merrin – 2600 Platinum

We live on the Gold Coast and fishing is our pastime and when we were looking for our next twin hull we had in our minds what we were looking for and then along came Sailfish, from the moment we saw this boat we were very impressed with the outlay and the finish of the boat.

The performance of the boat is exceptional, we have the 2600 Sailfish with 2.8 beam which handles very well outside the Seaway in the rough weather, we also do a lot of fishing in the Broadwater, twin 150 HP Honda 4 stroke gives us plenty of power if needed, they are quiet and economical to

One of the things we enjoyed was being able to go down to the factory at Ballina to see the progress of the boat being built and were able to ask for changes to suit our needs.

Our experience with the buying of this boat has been all the more enjoyable because of the courtesy given to us and the professionalism of our salesman Gaven Daly from Webbe Marine and boat builder Darren Foster from Sailfish.

Our boat is appropriately named “Lets Go Fishing” and that’s what we love to do, it is an excellent fishing boat with many extras to make your fishing a pleasurable experience.

Kind Regards

Mark & Brenda Merrin

Scott Lihou – Shelf Runner

I always wanted a sailfish since the first time I saw one but they were only making the bigger models, then I saw the Shelfrunner which was the size I wanted. After reading all the reviews on it I was sure it was
what I wanted, so from there I got in touch with Webbe Marine, Gavan and Ashley where so easy to work with making everything to easy. A few months later I had delivery of my new vessel, a fine looking machine at that.

I have only had the Shelfrunner for a few months now but absolutely love it, I’ve done quite a few offshore trips in it now, some of these trips would of been 120 nm round trip. I always felt safe and comfortable in the Sailfish, it handles exceptionally well and has plenty of fishing room, all round it’s an awesome boat.

Thanks again Gavan and Ashley from Webbe Marine for making it all so easy and on an outstanding boat.

Scott Lihou

Dr Peter Aquilina – Shelfrunner

I looked at a lot of boats before choosing the Sailfish Shelfrunner. I wanted a boat that was safe, stable, fast and economical, and that at the same time was a great fishing platform as well as family boat. The Shelfrunner ticked all the boxes and then some. The twin motors with separate fuel tanks and batteries matched with the superbly stable and strong hull make this a boat unrivalled for its safety and sea keeping abilities. The boat handles big seas with aplomb and the twin hulls allow me to comfortably beat much bigger boats back to harbour if the weather turns nasty. Added to all the above is the ease of
towing and the superb trailer. It literally takes 30 Secs to drive the boat onto the self centring trailer and then drive off the ramp. Launching is even easier.

I would recommend this boat without hesitation. The excellent service provided by Gavan and Ashley is also outstanding.

Many Thanks

Dr Peter Aquilina

Stone Kit Homes

We recently took delivery of our Sailfish 7700 Platinum and would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled our experience, from the original customisation of the boat, right through to the on water delivery. We have owned and operated a number of boats in the past, and can honestly say this was the best purchasing experience we have had, even after the sale, and during our 1st service, the attention to detail was fantastic.

When researching our new boat, we had considered larger game boats, but the flexibility in being able to tow the boat and the ability to customize steered us to the Sailfish. The reports we had heard about the performance all came to fruition on our first outing. We can honestly say this is the best performing offshore boat we have ever owned. In a 2-3m swell, we fly past much larger boats. The stability at rest is also something to be believed, with 3-4 adults on one side, we barely feel the movement.

The Sailfish and Honda package has given us a lot of confidence in big seas, and as you can see by the attached photos the Marlin are certainly attracted to the boat.

Many Thanks

Michael & Graham Mcfadden
Stone Kit Homes

Medowie Hardware

The one thing that always stands out is the comfort in ride just gets better and better. Every time I venture out I learn that little bit more about the craft, its design and the sea conditions. Ultimately the one word that I believe sums up your craft is outstanding.

The other day as we were coming back from the shelf, the ground swell was so solid and reaching about 2m on the face that I was able to manoeuvre the craft onto the face of these swells so that we were surfing the face. Each run would last about a kilometer. The real interesting part, the motors were doing only 2900rpm and we were cruising at 26 -28knts. As we would approach the end of a surf run, all I had to do was turn the craft slightly and run with the swell and because we had so much speed we would be up and over the swell in seconds and away we would go again.

Your Sailfish performed beautifully ‘as normal’ and at no time was there ever a feeling of uneasiness whilst operating under such circumstances. All on board had big smiles and all comments directed to the Sailfish were thumbs up.

John Robinson JP.
Medowie Hardware

Mono’s Sports Fishing Adventures

Having owned and operated Mono’s Sportsfishing Adventures and Byron Professional Charters on the north coast of NSW since 1998, it has been imperative to have a reliable, strong, comfortable vessel to work over the infamous north coast bars.

A large amount of time was put into researching the right vessel for the business. A custom built Sailfish ended up at the top of the list and has proven to be undeniably the right decision.

The ability to custom design the vessel from the floor up is one of the major factors which, after test driving many vessels, turned me towards Sailfish. The finish is superb and design layout is so versatile and user friendly.

The team at Sailfish seems to be able to combine comfort with the usability of a commercial vessel in a way that makes it perfect for those wanting a serious fishing boat with all the creature comforts.
Recently my new Sailfish ‘Windarra’ was delivered and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. As you can see from the accompanying photo she looks magnificent but her performance is even better.

The combination of Sailfish with some reliable, technologically advanced, fuel efficient Honda outboards has made this the best vessel I’ve ever been on and my clients all agree. Sailfish and Honda – the perfect combination for the serious angler.

Captain Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart – Owner/Operator
Mono’s Sports Fishing Adventures
Brunswick Heads, NSW

Paul & Sue Crocker

For the last 4 years we visited the Sydney Boat Show and looked at every style of boat around, but it was the Sailfish that took our fancy. Why? Because it suited our needs for fishing, cruising, entertaining and most of all safety.

Once we had that test run in the Sailfish 2800 you organised, I was sold on the boat as an excellent handling boat, but we wanted to make it bigger. Being aluminum I was told this was no problem and with the help of Darren from Sailfish we customised a Sailfish 3300 to our design.

Since taking delivery of her last August, we have put her thru all conditions and she handles like a dream – this is one hell of a boat! The Hondas push her to 37 knots and are amazingly economical and quite, and the twin rig is easy to maneuver at the marina. She is a very safe and stable boat and gives a smooth and comfortable ride at high speeds in choppy seas. With the perfect blend of appointments for serious fishing, sleeping and cruising she is a great all rounder. And most importantly of all my family love it!

To cap it off Ashley, I’m more than happy that we chose the Sailfish Catamaran (that we call the “Off Road of the Sea”) from Webbe Marine. Thanks again to you and Gavan for your professional approach to the way you run your business.

Kind regards

Paul & Sue Crocker.